Goodwill Shopping Spree

Surprisingly, I found myself with some extra free time yesterday. I took advantage of this time and ran around to a couple of my local Goodwills to see what I could find.

My trips to Goodwill can either take 15 minutes or 3 hours. All of this depends on if I’m finding anything of interest. The more items I find, the closer I look at the racks.

The first Goodwill was a bust and I walked out empty-handed. I was concerned Labor Day weekend shoppers had already snagged all of the good things and was tempted to just go home.

I thought about the potential treasures that might be awaiting me at the next stop and decided to continue on with my hunt.

My second Goodwill stop was more rewarding. I walked out with 2 pairs of athletic shorts (Nike and Reebok Crossfit), a retro Nike windbreaker, and a couple of ties. The Crossfit shorts already sold for $20 which pays for this entire shopping trip.

My final stop yielded a Juicy Couture jacket with $300 price tag still hanging on the arm, a Jean Piaget scarf and two grab bags of toys.

Total spent for the day: $30

Potential sales: $200+

It is easy to walk into a Goodwill and find items you can resell for $1-$5 profit. These items do have a place in your eBay business and can help increase your sales fast. As your stock grows, you will need to limit your purchases to items that are selling for at least 4x what you’re paying.

Check out my video where I show all of the items I picked up today and stop by again!

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