Why I Started my Ebay Resale Business

First things first: I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I’m a millionaire and drive a new sports car everyday because of my Ebay business.

What I am going to tell you is that I discovered my side hustle from a hobby and I love every minute of it. One day it might take over my full-time income, but for now I enjoy the hunt and the additional financial freedom my hobby brings me.

My Ebay venture actually began as we started our debt-free journey. I was walking through my house looking at every little thing we had purchased in the past because we “needed” it. Sadly, these items were what dug us into the hole. I realized I needed to part ways with many of these items and began listing them on Ebay in order to recoup some of my wasted money.

The money I earned from selling these items was put towards our debt. After about a month of successful sales, I realized I was running out of things to sell. Uh oh!

I started hitting up yard sales and buying other people’s things to resell. This held me over for about a month.

I decided to check out my local Goodwill and found a few toys worth selling. Suddenly curious as to what else may be of value, I began researching online and stumbled upon Raiken Profit. He has his own successful eBay business reselling clothes and gave tips as to what brands and types of clothes to watch for.

I learned a ton about men’s clothes and researched eBay constantly to learn what brands were worth more than others. Suddenly, not only was I finding clothes at Goodwill but also yard sales.

An item I would have never considered buying for resell was suddenly my main producer.

I still find myself looking at clothes but I have also began building upon my knowledge in other areas like shoes, furniture and antiques.

So you’re reading this because you either want to start an eBay business or already have and you’re looking to learn.

My suggestion is to figure out one type of product to focus on for a week or two until you’re comfortable not looking up items on the eBay app constantly.

After you’re comfortable, you pick a new product that interests you. Never take on a product that doesn’t interest you. I have little knowledge of women’s clothes and really don’t have an interest in mastering that category so I stay far away from the women’s section.

Be willing to invest an hour or two in each thrift store in order to really learn and research items. Otherwise, I promise you’re missing things.

As of today, I never buy an item unless I can ask at least 5 times what I’m paying. Because it is a process to list, describe and ship items. Not to mention there are fees that you must factor out of your profit. I value my time and want the profit to be there before I commit to that level of work.

There are hundreds of items that you can sell for a small profit but maybe only a few items that you can make 5 times or more of your money back. These are the items I try to focus on.

The treasure hunt is real and it may be the only treasure hunt you’ll ever get to experience. Please enjoy it and tell me about your great finds!

You’ll realize if you like it or not rather fast. If you’re not waking up in the morning excited about an opportunity to dig through Goodwill items, this isn’t for you.

Stay committed to your financial freedom and the opportunities will present themselves.

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