How We Cut Our Grocery Bill By 50%

When you sit down and work on your budget you will see that the grocery section is most likely the most fluid number. That’s because there are so many necessities and wants that fit into this category.

The fluidity is what makes it such an easy part of your budget to direct your focus. You have the most control over this number and it’s the easiest to cause an immediate savings.

So, how did we cut our grocery bill in half?

First, we decided on a weekly budget.  By looking at our last few shopping trips, we realized we were averaging about $250 per week on groceries. We decided to cut this number in half. We chose this number as a challenge to ourselves. We wanted to see if it was possible to get what we needed and still save a ton of money.

Once we had decided on that magic number, we knew the only way to keep our grocery bill under $125 was to only take that much cash and no extra.

Taking only $125 in cash meant we had to keep track of our costs while we were shopping. We didn’t want to cause an unnecessary scene at the checkout by putting items back so keeping track of our costs while we shopped kept us fully aware of where we stood.

It wasn’t as hard as we had thought and we found ourselves eating better meals because we were planning our dinners a week ahead of time instead of waiting until we got home from work. Before we started planning our meals, there were so many nights that neither of us felt like cooking and we’d end up spending more money on eating out.

The best part about sticking to this budget is it got way easier after only a couple of grocery trips. Soon, we didn’t have to control ourselves by keeping track of each item and found that we were able to come under budget numerous times.

Saving money is a lifestyle and it can be difficult but it can also be extremely rewarding!

Take a look at your grocery expenses and see where you can save a few bucks like us.


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