How to Make Money Online – The Truth

How to make money online: One of the most searched phrases on the Internet.

So many people think they will find the hidden secret just by going to Google and typing in these 5 words. I’m here to tell you that there is no secret to making money online.

It’s actually pretty easy to figure it out if you’d just think about it for one second.

The majority of people who make money online are creating content that millions of people read or watch. The not-so secret is they have been creating content for years in most cases. While they’ve been creating content for the past couple of years, they have also created a massive following because their content is top-rated and shared.

There is a ton of potential to make money online but you have to be ready to commit yourself to creating valuable content on a consistent basis. Not daily, but pretty close.

Consider how bloggers and Youtubers make money for one second: they only make money when people view their material. Because as each person sees the material, they also see advertisements. Companies pay to have their ads on these successful websites and videos. So no views = no money.

The more views your content receives, the higher probability of people clicking on ads and creating a revenue stream for you. Most of your money will start as ad clicks which you receive a few cents from. Then maybe you’ll start recommending products on Amazon and make a few bucks from those referred sales. Maybe a company will stumble upon your site and pay you to review their product.

There are quite a few ways to create income from your content but first you need lots of views and a following. Until you have that, there’s really no reason to worry about monetizing a blog or Youtube channel.

So you need to create content and get a lot of views. Let’s just toss out the number of 1 million views for argument’s sake. I don’t know if this is the magic number or not because it all depends on so many other unknown aspects (ad revenue, return views, etc)

The simplest way to gain 1 million views is to create something viral. This is more rare than you think. If this is the route you plan on going, I wish you the best of luck with that.

The better way to gain 1 million views is to create a lot of content centered around popular keywords and phrases. Each blog entry and video then works for you day and night attracting views. The more content working for you, the faster your total views will reach 1 million people.

Let’s say if each piece of content attracts an average 1,000 views, you’ll then need 1,000 pieces of content (blog entry, video, etc) to reach your 1 million views. Maybe you get the views up to 10,000. Then you’ll only need 100 blog entries or videos working for you.

Either way, you need a lot of content out there on the Internet.

So after reading all of this, you’re still sitting there thinking this is for you. You want to make your living behind the computer screen. You are ready to quit your full-time job and blog or make Youtube videos at home.


Get started…


I suggest you pick a topic you love, set a goal for posting and sharing 100 blog entries or videos within the next year and get to work today! Not tomorrow. Today!

Best of luck!


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