How to Create a Better Life

If you’re here expecting a quick life hack then just move on to the next article. But if you’re deeply committed to improving your current life situations then I guarantee you’ll keep reading.

A better life has different meanings to most people. However, if you ask 1,000 people, the average response is more money and better opportunities. That’s what this post is about.

Creating a better life is the same process as creating a better body. It means setting goals, staying committed and reprogramming your brain to pursue the end-goal. You can’t create a better body by half-assing the process. Six-pack abs come from constant daily exercise and monitoring every piece of food you put in your mouth.

Just like exercising, a better life comes from setting goals and working towards them every day and monitoring your daily decisions. You have to determine if each decision gets you closer to your goals or further away. Does playing Xbox or watching Youtube videos for an hour help you reach your goals? Probably not.

Why would your life improve if you keep doing the same thing everyday? Creating a life with more wealth and better opportunities means you have to change the way you live your life now.

  • If you want to advance in your current career then you need to re-evaluate where you’re at and what opportunities may present themselves with increased effort. If there aren’t many opportunities then it’s time to re-evaluate where you’re at. Maybe there are better opportunities at the competitor’s office?
  • If you want to become the next big author then you need to write more than you ever have before. Finding time for your writing is paramount to your success. Write more, present more to publishers and ultimately publish more.
  • Want more money? Well, how can you make more money? Are you going to work 3 jobs and 100 hrs per week? That might work on the short-term but you’re not advancing your opportunities and you’re just working for someones else’s goals and wealth.

In the end, creating a better life is determining how to best invest your time today. Today’s activities will determine your future wealth and opportunities. So, how can you invest your time into creating additional income? If you already work full-time then you need a side hustle. This side hustle will slowly become a part-time income. Then the part-time income can be reinvested into growing your side hustle or maybe creating another side hustle.

Write down a list of 100 things you would enjoy doing for free. It might take you a couple of days to put together a great list but in that list is your Hallelujah moment. In that list is your next side hustle. Your side hustle could become the key to wealth and the life you have dreamed about.

All of us have different life goals but there is only one path to reach those goals. You and I must work hard everyday to advance closer to our goals. If you commit to the process and pursue it day and night you will find yourself closer to your goals. It won’t happen overnight but one day you’ll wake up and realize it happened.

Look at every successful person that came from nothing. They worked day and night to succeed. Some of them might have been in the right place at the right time, but I still guarantee there was lots of hustle before that breakthrough moment.

No matter how you plan on improving your life, it all takes patience and dedication throughout the hurdles. The Universe will test your commitment and hit you with pitfalls. Stay committed and prove that you deserve the better life!

The process may take 10 years for some, but stay committed. You know you can do it and your family will look back at all you accomplished in awe.

Don’t find yourself looking back a year from today wishing you had just started a year ago.

Best of luck on your journey!


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