Finding Motivation When You’re In A Rut

We all find ourselves hitting a plateau or suddenly losing interest in the path we are following. Sometimes things just aren’t going to go your way and it might seem like everything bad is happening to you.

When I find myself in a rut, I take a break and recollect myself. There’s really no point in pushing forward if you’re not committed at this point. Take a day or two off and try not to think at all about your goals and what has happened to make you feel this way. Let these feelings cool down.

Now, after the dust has settled and you are thinking a little more clearly, take another look at your goals. How much closer are you to your goals than you were when you started? I bet by doing this you’ll realize how much you’ve already accomplished and be impressed with yourself.

If you’re still in a downward spiral after a couple of days then you need some outside assistance. I don’t mean paying some life coach or career coach, I mean taking advantage of the internet. There are great motivational videos on Youtube that can do wonders for resetting your brain.

One of my favorite speakers to listen to is Dr Eric Thomas because he tells it like it is and reminds me that no one else is going to pursue my dreams for me. It is my job and only my job to accomplish my dreams and create a better life for my family.

Check out one of his videos here

You might already have someone you already enjoy listening to. Go listen to them and get yourself back on track.

It’s ok to get in a rut but you need to realize that no one is coming to dig you out. It’s ok to sit in the rut for a couple days but sooner or later you need to find your own way out and get back to work.

I always look at a rut or a hurdle as a good sign that I’m on the right track. The Universe is trying to slow me down and testing me to see how bad I want to reach my goals. As Will Smith once said, sooner or later the Universe will realize you mean business and will get out of your way.

The path might not become easier but at least you’ll know that you got past the last hurdle ok and you’ll past the next hurdle ok.

Keep telling yourself that you’re on the right track and push forward. You can’t get there without pushing forward. You got this!

Let me know what goals you’ve reached since you’ve started!

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