The Top Seven Cheapest Protein Sources

It’s the beginning of another New Year and you’re starting to eat healthier and exercise in preparation of summer trips. Unfortunately, your first trip to the grocery store may become overwhelming as you notice higher costs for healthier natural foods.

In an attempt to keep you on track, here’s a quick rundown of what your most affordable protein options are at the grocery store.

1. Tuna

Tuna in the can is insanely affordable. You can buy one can for under $1 and there’s about 20g of protein with minimal fat and 0 carbs. The only way you can go wrong with tuna is if you absolutely hate it. If that’s the case, try some of the flavored packets they now make or I like to mix mine with spanish rice and fat free sour cream for a delicious quick meal.

2. Eggs

There’s about 7g of protein in each egg and a dozen eggs can be had for around $1 or so unless you begin venturing into free range and better treated chickens. Even then the cost is minimal. The cooking options with eggs are pretty limitless and they can be eaten at every meal.

3. Whey Protein Mix

Protein mix has come a long way since the Arnold days. There are amazing taste options out there and they mix quickly in water for a great high-protein meal. Optimum Nutrition averages about 24g of protein per serving and averages less than $1 per serving if you buy it at

4. Chicken Breast

Obviously chicken is going to fall into this category. Chicken is a top lean protein source and extremely affordable. There’s about 43g of protein in an average sized chicken breast. I typically spend around $6 for 3 breasts so we’re at $1 per 20g serving or protein. The meal options with chicken breast are limitless.

5. Ground Turkey Breast

Another lean protein option that falls within the affordable category. If you form the ground turkey into 4 oz hamburger patties you’ll have about 20g of protein.

6. Oikos Triple Zero Yogurt

This yogurt is somewhat of a newcomer to the yogurt isle and there are multiple flavors that taste great. A 5.3 oz cup will cost around $1 and has 15g of protein and zero sugar, zero fat and zero artificial sweeteners. Just like any yogurt, the fat content will be a little higher.

7. Ground Beef

Try and stick to 85% lean beef or more if there’s a good deal. One lb of 90% lean beef can usually be had for about $6 and there’s about 65g total protein in that pound.



Breakfast: 5 scrambled eggs at 35g of protein

Mid-Morning Snack: Whey Protein Mix at 24g of protein

Lunch: Can of Tuna with Rice at 20g of protein

Mid-Afternoon Snack: Yogurt at 15g of protein

Dinner: Chicken breast at 43g of protein

Post-workout shake: Whey Protein at 24g of protein

You just took in 161g of protein with this example meal plan.

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