You’re Screwed as YouTube Changes Monetization Review Requirements

YouTube has taken a new step in making it more difficult to ever make a buck from posting videos. They of course say it is to make the advertisers feel more comfortable about their ads only going on quality content.

Let’s first talk about what the requirements were before yesterday’s change.

The standard requirement to begin monetization on your channel was 10,000 total views. That 10,000 could have been broken up among all of the videos you posted.

So, you could have one video with 40 views and a viral video with 9,961 views and YouTube would then review your channel and begin allowing you to make money from ad placement.

And the new requirements?

The new requirements are 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months. Unless you’re already famous and have a huge following, these requirements are insane. Let’s talk about each one real quick and break them down.

Let’s review the 1,000 subscribers because it’s the smaller number and seems doable.

On average, it takes a new YouTube channel 1 year to gain its first 100 subscribers. It then takes another full year to expand beyond the 1,000 mark. This of course is considering the channel is consistently putting out quality content and sharing each video on multiple online venues like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit etc.

So 2 years of recording, editing and sharing videos on a weekly basis. We’re talking well over 100-150 videos before you earn your first dollar. Yowzers!

Now, let’s review the 4,000 total watch hours in the prior 12 months.

4,000 watch hours is actually 240,000 watch minutes. Assuming your average video watch time is 5 minutes, we’re talking 48,000 views in a 12 month period before you earn your first dollar from YouTube.

If you’ve been working on your 1,000 subscribers and have over 100 videos then maybe you can reach this summit. Or if you happen to publish a video that takes on a life of its own and goes viral then you can reach this number (more rare than you’d think).

Ask any YouTuber and they’ll tell you the hardest thing ever was to gain their first 100 subscribers and then after that, their first 1,000 subscribers. Even after you attain these levels, it takes millions of views to really see any beneficial income from YouTube.

The agreed upon numbers among YouTubers have placed average income around $1 per 1,000 views.

So, after you reach your YouTube fame and are finally able to monetize your videos, you can finally get paid. You’ve already missed out on roughly $50 on your 48,000 views needed to before you could monetize your videos. But you have your 1,000 subscribers and can start seeing the money role in as they watch your videos and click on ads.

So, how many views until you’re seeing an average American income?

You’ll need roughly 40 million views per year to make anything close to a $40k salary.

I’m not here to tell you these numbers aren’t doable for the average person. But I am here to tell you that it’s going to take a lot of work and time before you earn anything.

If you believe you can consistently put out quality videos every week for the next 2 years in the hopes of gaining recognition and then continue to put out videos every couple days after that, then get to work now.

The clock is ticking because it’s only a matter of time until they raise the bar even higher…

Until then, don’t quit your day job quite yet!


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