Thrifting During Flu Season

Uggh here we are again! In the midst of another flu season and this one seems more scary than the others in the past.

I know it’s not really much more severe than what we’ve had in years past if you actually look at the stats but there does seem to be more stories of healthy individuals suddenly dying from this year’s flu.

Anyways, no matter your belief on the current news of the flu outbreak, I really hope you’re taking appropriate steps to protect yourself.

That means, you better have a hefty 5-gallon bucket of hand sanitizer in your car! The only way to properly disinfect is to plunge you’re entire body one limb at a time into the 5 gallon bucket in order to disinfect each square inch of exposed skin prior to getting back into your car…..

Obviously, I’m joking here people.

All jokes aside though: make sure you’re disinfecting after handling used clothes and going out in public places. This rule really isn’t limited to flu season either. I mean you’re handling other people’s clothes that potentially have never been properly washed.

I recently got pink eye from my thrifting trips. I guess I just couldn’t keep my dirty hands away from my face. Lesson learned! By the way for those not familiar, pink eye is an eye infection reportedly after getting feces in your eye. Your eye gets all goopy and snotty and it’s really ugly to look at. A minor illness solved with antibiotic eye drops for a week but still…. I POSSIBLY HAD SOMEONE ELSE’S POOP IN MY EYE!!!!

So take a lesson from Thrifty Dad and don’t get shit in your eye and protect yourself from the flu!

Use antibacterial hand gel and wash your hands constantly while out thrifting. It’s plain old common sense but so many people don’t do it.

Ok, the dad lecture is all done. Be safe everyone!

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