YouTube Video Topics That Make Money

If you’re thinking about starting a Youtube channel but are still wondering what it should be about, you’re not alone.

99% of wanna-be Youtube Stars sit there with a blank stare on their face while they wait for the Ah-Ha moment.

The only ones that don’t debate on the topic of their Youtube channel are the ones that start it without the goal to make an income from their videos. Some people start a channel because they love what they do and want to share this with the world. Yeah, I know…Lucky Them, right?

Anyways, if you’re like most people, you have no idea what your channel should be about. In the end, it needs to be something you are good at and enjoy doing everyday.

Certain topics that do well on Youtube are:

  • Gaming
  • Tutorials – Whatever you’re good at
  • Unboxing New Products
  • Toy Reviews
  • Animal Related Stuff
  • Video Blog about your life – Better be interesting!


In the end, if you want to succeed here a few tips/rules I highly suggest you follow:

  • Choose something you love
    • It can take a year or more to become popular, so make sure you love your video topic.
  • Before starting your channel, make a list of at least 25 video topics.
    • If you can’t make that list now, then you won’t come up with enough content to grow your channel.
  • Be consistent
    • Don’t start a gaming channel and then suddenly switch to a makeup tutorial. That’s confusing!
    • Produce and post videos consistently. At least one per week.
  • Keep your videos short!
    • As you’re starting out, keep your videos under 5 minutes so you don’t lose viewers before they watch the entire video. Youtube doesn’t like videos that aren’t watched completely and will punish your video in search results.
  • Don’t Give Up!
    • Unless you produce a viral video, it’s going to take time.
    • Typical channels take a full year just to break 100 subs.

Now go jot down some channel ideas and video ideas and see what really gets you excited. If you’re not excited about it then why should anyone else be excited to watch your videos?

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