You Need a Side Hustle

I have a personal belief that every single person should have a side hustle.

Not only do they create additional income in your spare time but they can also create new business opportunities you would’ve never had at your M-F job.

Before we get started I want to mention there are two types of side hustles:

The first type is a part time job where you work for someone else. Serving or bartending is the most popular in this category because you can make a decent living working part-time. People also suggest driving for Lyft or Uber or working at a department store.

The second type is starting your own business. This can take longer to realize additional income but also has a higher potential for future growth and income.

Now that we’ve cleared that up the rest of this article is referring to second type of side hustles.

So what are the reasons I think everyone should have a side hustle?

REASON #1 – You need more money!

A side hustle is becoming more and more common because our M-F jobs just aren’t cutting it financially.

Sure, you can pay off your debt and build up a nice savings by putting away that extra $50/month but it’s going to take a hell of a long time!

I’m not that patient and you shouldn’t be either.

A side hustle improves your income immediately and allows you to see faster progress towards your financial goals.

Seeing progress is what keeps us on track and moving in the right direction.

REASON #2 – How secure is your job really?

A side hustle gives you that backup plan if you suddenly lose your main income source.

There really isn’t a 100% secure job nowadays and you’d be a fool to believe you will have this job until retirement.

Maybe you will but I personally wouldn’t want to bank on it.

By beginning a side hustle now, you’re starting a secondary income that could one day become a primary income if the worst possible situation happens to your job.

REASON #3 – Maybe you want to quit your real job?

Many people start a side hustle with the idea that it’s just going to help them make extra payments on their debt.

Others start a side hustle because they’re tired of their job and want something better.

Either way, there’s a potential escape plan in your side hustle plans.

Suddenly, you’ll wake up one day and realize your side hustle income is catching up to your full-time job.

Not a bad problem to have. But you can’t get to that part of the path if you don’t start now!

If you don’t already have a side hustle then today is a perfect day to start one.

Best of luck to you!

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