eBay Sales Update – September

On average, I've been shipping 3 to 4 items per day. I have not opened an eBay store yet because eBay continues to give me bonus free listings. My listing count is hovering around 130-150 active listings at any time. My listing goal is to get this number closer to 200 this month so that... Continue Reading →

How to Make Money Online – The Truth

How to make money online: One of the most searched phrases on the Internet. So many people think they will find the hidden secret just by going to Google and typing in these 5 words. I'm here to tell you that there is no secret to making money online. It's actually pretty easy to figure... Continue Reading →

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Frugal or Cheap?

Frugal and cheap: the 2 most common words people use to describe me and my lifestyle. The problem is they are two different descriptive words. Yes, there is a distinction here and yes, I prefer one over the other. You see, one I feel is a negative attribute and I don't see how saving my... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Ways to Save Money Now

Saving money is the fastest way to have more money in your pocket. Finding second jobs or starting side businesses all take time. Figuring out which of your expenses can be trimmed can seriously add up to a second income. Here are 10 ways I immediately saved more of my money each month. 1. Cut... Continue Reading →

How to Have More Money

Everyone wants more money. Millions of people are going to Google and searching "how to make more money" or "I need more money." From the homeless man sleeping on the side of the street less than a mile from your home to the multi-millionaire that owns a majority of the commercial buildings around your town.... Continue Reading →

Goodwill Shopping Spree

Surprisingly, I found myself with some extra free time yesterday. I took advantage of this time and ran around to a couple of my local Goodwills to see what I could find. My trips to Goodwill can either take 15 minutes or 3 hours. All of this depends on if I'm finding anything of interest.... Continue Reading →

Craigslist Safety Tips

Craigslist is a great resource when buying and selling items. It is nice to not worry about paying additional fees like we do on eBay. But with lower cost comes higher risk. There are ways to better protect yourself. In the video below, I highlight the rules I follow when meeting with strangers. Follow this... Continue Reading →

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