Thrifting During Flu Season

Uggh here we are again! In the midst of another flu season and this one seems more scary than the others in the past. I know it's not really much more severe than what we've had in years past if you actually look at the stats but there does seem to be more stories of... Continue Reading →

The Top Seven Cheapest Protein Sources

It's the beginning of another New Year and you're starting to eat healthier and exercise in preparation of summer trips. Unfortunately, your first trip to the grocery store may become overwhelming as you notice higher costs for healthier natural foods. In an attempt to keep you on track, here's a quick rundown of what your... Continue Reading →

How to Calculate Your Profit Margins

One of the most important numbers to determine how well your sales are going is to figure out your profit margin. Your profit margin is simply the percentage of your total sale that is profit after all expenses are covered. I like to keep my total profit margins for the month over 60% because this... Continue Reading →

Reselling Stuffed Animals for a Profit

You might find it hard to believe, but there is a market for used stuffed animals. Sometimes, they're a collector's item or other times someone's child may have lost their favorite stuffed animal and the parent needs an immediate replacement. Either way, there might be someone looking for the stuffed animals you consider trash. Luckily,... Continue Reading →

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